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Friday, June 21, 2013


The word “intensity” is a common word used in the fitness world. And when speaking about intensity of a workout, most refer to the amount of resistance that was used to perform an exercise. But is the amount of resistance the only way to make a workout intense? Do you know how to intensify your workout without changing your routine? Are there other ways to maximize your effort?

Intensity can be referred to the amount of resistance, the volume of a training, the timing of rest and recovery and even as physiological effects such as diet.

When speaking about the amount of resistance, weight training professionals usually refer to percentages of one Repetition Maximum (1RM) that an exercise is performed, or exercising at a percentage of your maximal Heart Rate (HR). 1 RM is calculated by performing a resistance exercise without outside aide or muscle execution failure, usually for a large muscle group, and is used to define the level of strength. The calculation of intensity through the HR method usually takes into consideration the age and gender of an individual.
Definition of Intensity by Volume of Training can be described as how many exercise sessions there are in a certain period, which could mean month, week or even day. The number or even duration of the sessions could have effect of higher or lower intensity depending on your goals.

The intensity can be magnified if the rest interval in between sets and even exercises are low. The well trained don’t need to rest as much as the untrained to get results of improvements of strength, power and force. For resistance training according to the different energy pathways you can manipulate your workout according to how long it takes to recover energy levels.

It is almost being forgotten that the load can become heavier if you simply increase the number of repetitions performed or do movements in slow motion. You can increase the intensity of your workout by changing the form you do your sets such doing two exercises at the same time for the same muscle group or antagonists (opposites) adding a certain type of training such as repetitions until exhaustion or even pyramid training.

You may not change your routine and duration of your workout, or even the number of weekly sessions, but if you reduce or increase the number of calories of your diet, you may see a change in the intensity of your workout due to your capability. Other factors could have effects, such as injuries, sickness, and mental state affecting the intensity of your workout too.

So when you are thinking I am going to increase the intensity of my workout, get out of that little box and for something different find some other way to change other than the amount of weight of machines and free weights. You might find other ways to feel that pump and even something that works better for your body to get those desired results.

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