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Friday, June 28, 2013


Hardcore Resistance Training and Wellbeing started off with criticisms of the fitness industry, and there has been some time without any talk about those issues. So put on your thinking caps, and reflect on this following Post.

North America, including Canada is supposed to be the top of the line in quality of any type of services offered. But how come some of the under developed countries, or the ones that do make it to the list of developed countries but are ranking in the last 5 spots are more concerned with providing better quality and specificity in health services?

Kinesiologists are under paid after 4 years of hard work and training in a University course, when they too are responsible for rehabilitation, physical assessments of movement, exercise prescription, and maintaining or improving physical mobility. So why doesn’t the health system view the profession as important as that of a nurse or doctor?

The career of a teacher begins with educational training inside a classroom, and before this the teacher is usually specifically qualified by major study in a certain subject. But many are not teaching in their area of expertise and are in fact acting in other areas. After completing the education requirement to use the correct techniques for teaching, it can be understood that a teacher can follow the guidelines set by the Ministry of Education at an elementary school level. But as a child grows older and more mature, how can that happen? There are many unemployed individuals with Physical Education degrees and one of the reasons could be that teachers and coaches who fill the gyms and fields in schools only have the qualifications to educate some one’s mind or not any at all and not the body. Some of these positions are even filled by volunteers to minimize costs. And then why is it asked that the obesity rate is rising in children? In the long run it ends up costing more to treat diseases consequences of overweight.

Then there are the Personal trainers who sometimes don’t even have a background in physical activity or practice a sport. It is so simple for just anyone to become qualified as a Personal trainer, that the ones who really know what they are doing due to education, or have real experience dealing with keeping the body healthy are turning to private work which is not helping the profession’s reputation.

No wonder the fitness industry is falling apart. Exercise has been proven to have positive effects on the mind, but most still refer to athletes and sports related professionals as brainless individuals. And if this is true why has the research related to physical activity and exercise become such an important interest for health related issues? For the health care system to improve there needs to be a change in the way of seeing the Fitness Industry in most countries as only a money maker. The educated professionals of this area will contribute with the adequate dedication to maintain those that are already healthy.

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