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Friday, October 19, 2012


What is up with people? I guess they didn’t read “Hogs and Slobs”, but if they did, they still didn’t get the picture…because this week the gym just had so many free weights missing from the rack...

The other day arriving at the gym, there was a sign near the weightlifting gym machines, saying in so many words, please don’t rest on the equipment….but share! It is obvious since there may be someone else who needs to use it. So get your butts off the equipment and rest standing near what you are using or on the equipment you are using.

In many gyms you may notice all around that there are signs posted, but I guess that most people don’t even bother to read most of them which ask politely, say or even explain why, to put your equipment away after using it for the next ”Guest”.

Yes, that is a term used in the gym. A price is paid to be able to use the equipment in the gym and if you don’t own the gym, then you are a Guest. And most are taught how to behave as a guest while growing up, so people should use their manners as if they are going visit their Grandmother or immediate family, which is treat the environment with respect. This means, what you use you should put away no matter if it’s just one dumbbell to a few pieces of equipment! How many times, especially at the end of the day after the busiest time, is it easy to see the dumbell rack empty of weights, and hard to find dumbells of a certain weight not in place?

Also when you finally find the equipment out of place that you are looking for, just because you didn’t do it doesn’t mean that when you finish you can’t put it back.

Other rude behaviours seen in the gym is spitting. How many times do you see men spitting in the waste baskets, and some of the time it doesn’t go in. When were they taught to spit inside???? What about Gum? It is banned in schools, because it always ends up underneath chairs or desks, but in gyms you see it on the equipment, such as the treadmill track, or even on the floor or stuck to the sides of equipment (cable machines). And people think that the cleaning people are responsible for throwing other people’s trash out, such as water bottles. If they didn’t do their job correctly, which they should receive much appraisal for, the gym floor would have empty water and drink bottles all over.

Your home must be a pigsty if you are to blame for any of these behaviours, because what you do out of your own home will be the same way that you behave in public. You are a Guest at a gym, and if you’re not, still you would use your manners because you are probably the owner and wouldn’t treat your propriety with disrespect. So clean up after yourself and remember that there ARE other GUESTS

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