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Friday, March 8, 2013


People usually take a break from winter around this time of year, especially around the Spring break, taking advantage of the cheap travel packages prices for vacations in Cancun, Cuba, Jamaica and others. But when you go on vacation, do you take that time off and just wait to get back into it when you get back? Or do you actually continue working out when you are at a resort? What if you aren’t on vacation, just on a business trip, do you train? What if where you are staying there isn’t a gym available to workout at, what do you do?
For those who are starting a program or are just getting back into it after stopping for a while, did you know if you stop you might not get back into it? Each person is different and commitment level of each individual is different. It takes a few months to really stick with an exercise training program and commit to it, so if you are going away you should make sure to include some part of your workout in trip agenda, otherwise when you get back you might give up.

So those of you who are in an advanced resistance training program, did you ever consider that someone might be in better shape and condition then you because when they do go away they actually do keep to their training program even if it’s not as strict as when they are home? Whoever takes their training seriously, if they haven’t been to a certain location before, one of the first things they look for if they don’t have it even their hotel, is a gym to train to keep with the training regimen. And there are those that go to extreme measures and take bands and other equipment on their trip. If the climate and weather permit you could also take up exercising such as in a park or using your surroundings including resistance exercises used for boot camps using your own bodyweight.  

Periodization is important if you are planning a trip or you know your yearly schedule, for they can be included in the scheduling of high intensity and low intensity training or actually as your competition date if you aren’t an athlete. You could consider a longer trip as part of your off-season, but remember that athletes in off-season take a rest from the specific training of the sport that they participate in by reducing intensity, number of sessions, and even increase other types of exercise, but they never stop. It is easy to become deconditioned even though it is also easy to regain the condition quickly when they get back to training.
Just because you’re on vacation it doesn’t mean that you will completely forget your meal plan for results. Professional and amateur athletes or individuals with advanced resistance training program always keep to their meal plans, maybe relaxing a little more, but keeping to watching the energy balance so that it will be easy to get back into shape on return. So if you are stuck in a hotel, it doesn’t mean that the only meals you can have are those cooked by fast food chains and restaurants, you can also choose to find a supermarket and buy some of what is included in your meals at home, and keep it in your hotel room.

Remember that whatever your goals for resistance training are, there are NO excuses, even if you are away from what you are used to doing at home, it doesn’t mean that you are free because attaining or maintaining results requires commitment, dedication and discipline.

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