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Friday, March 15, 2013


When talking about exercises, training, and program set-ups, articles or information usually refer to the exercises that are common in the gyms. But since a trend has been started to talk about the unusual inside the gym and anything related to resistance training, after the Banished may have been welcomed back, why isn’t there a discussion about exercises with double muscle group effect?

We have talked about the core (Strength from the Inside Out), and that the muscles that pertain to the lower back leading to the legs, and how the back extension is one of the exercises that target these muscles (The Banished 3). But do you know if the back extension can be used to target other muscles? Do you know what muscles are also targeted? Have you ever considered using it for another muscle group day other than core or back? What muscles are these, and which muscles are affected the most?

In the Banished 3 the discussion was about the muscles of the back of the thighs, so this week, continuing on that note, did you know that the back extension on the inclined roman chair could target the muscles of the hamstring? Beside muscles of the Hamstring (Femoral Biceps and Isquiltibial) the 45ยบ back extension also targets the Gluteus (Maximus, Medias and Minimus) muscle. Most people include this exercise in their back muscle group day, but due to the position, the stabilizer muscle (erector spinae) activation is reduced with the roman chair.

The initial position to do the Inclined Roman Chair Back Extension should start with a straight back. The movement should maintain the shoulders pulled back without slouching and the abdominal muscles contracted to maintain posture. On the way down make sure to only bend at the hips and not to curve your back. On the way back up contract your glutes and hamstrings, even forcing your thighs against the pad. You will feel the whole back of your legs, including your calves being worked. To further target the glutes you can slightly rotate externally the hips

Remember that the position of the pad should be no higher than your pubis or lower abdominal to prevent your back from curving. And when you come back up careful not to hyperextend your back too much, especially if you are bearing extra weight. You see many people doing that with heavy weights which could also cause the same type of injuries that are caused by the stiff legged dead lift (The banished 3). There are also the ones who do the movement fast. But it is an exercise as effective as any other common one that should be done with the same muscle contraction intensity and speed. And if you know what points of the movement are most appropriate to contract, there is no need for extra get the best results with this exercise. Try it sometime it might have duo effect for changing it up from your back routine into your leg workout.

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