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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


There should be a revolution with the professionals that are hired privately, or employed by health clubs to prescribe exercises.

Who hasn’t heard of stories about people who don’t do their research, and end up harming their health in some way by it, by M.D’s that have harmed patients and caused irreversible damages to a person’s health?

These people who are sick or hurt consult with M.D’s that are supposedly licensed, TRAINED and responsible for making their patients healthy again. For this they went through years of school, studying the human body, to enable them make the right diagnosis and treat it, through medication and therapies, or direction to other treatments if needed.

The professional that works with resistance training is usually responsible for maintaining health through the prescription of exercise, so why is it that these professionals aren’t hired based on their education and training, but rather based on how much revenue they can make for their employers or themselves? Why are people who seek Personal Trainers, hiring people who have about 4 years of Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology all summed up in two days? If the Human health was that easy, the cures for Cancer and other existing conditions would have been discovered long ago.

So who said that Fitness professionals who are supposed to maintain an individual’s health aren’t supposed to have the same education? The Fitness and health market in North America is not really interested in improving the health of individuals who seek it, but they are interested in the profit. however that is portrayed by “new” types of resistance training which is no different from each other because it is ALL exercise and related to the Kinesiology.

Who are worse are the Fitness Professionals who have studied for 4 years, or those that went through hours of experience to become a result producing machine, profiting but accepting professionals to work a long side those who really aren’t qualified to even train themselves.       

WAKE UP EVERYONE!!!! When you decide to live a healthier lifestyle, and start with exercising, do your research on what type of exercise that would be best fitted for you.

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