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Friday, September 21, 2012

MALODOROUS ODOR: Does your gym cologne stink out others?

Do you really think that no one can smell you? We all know that there are some cultures that don’t have a habit of bathing frequently, especially in a cold country, but do you really think that sweat doesn’t smell? Or that someone else doesn’t smell it on you if even you can’t smell it on yourself?

Sweat is bodily moisture expelled from your body containing by-products of our metabolism, which is the result of what we ingest. And where that saying goes you are what you eat, if you eat clean, or healthy, your sweat WILL smell with time, but won’t produce an intolerable smell to others immediately when you workout. But there is that small quantity of people who don’t really take care of their hygiene and seem to think that not showering before they workout, changing workout wear weekly instead of daily, not wearing deodorant, or even not taking care of their bodies such as trimming underarm hairs won’t create a stink tolerable to others, then they are wrong.

But it DOES stink! And sometimes these individuals can stink out whole sections of the gym. Of course there are those that don’t mind the smell and continue to workout out as if they’re in a meadow of flowers, but honestly it is a distraction for those who take their workout seriously.

Any damp material put away in a closed recipient such as a bag, won’t dry properly, or will take longer to dry, but with that it can create mold and when worn again, without proper washing, can cause a bad odour. And even if the piece of clothing with sweat is spread out to dry, will accumulate a number of days being wet and dry, and will create a bad odor that can stink out the gym. So any material, even the ones made with advanced technology for sports, can cause strong and bad odors if not washed.

It comes with the territory of wearing the right clothing to exercise. Usually if you are caring about your health, you care about your inner health and outer health, and if you care enough, you care about how you present yourself to your surroundings, and if you work out you definitely care about your physical appearance, and if you care about your physical appearance, don’t say that your physical appearance, is to spread the smell around, especially if there are women, who in this world, more and more every day are brought up taking care of themselves with products that smell nice.

Real bodybuilders, and people who sculpt their bodies, are called vain, but imagine what the perfume would be like with the training, and the specific foods, condiments and supplements with their size if they weren’t vain? Yes so they are usually obsessed with personal hygiene and body care, because they want to make a good impression which stands out which usually includes a specific wardrobe,  and special hygiene care to bring out the hard work of their physical appearance.

So visual appearance isn’t all that it takes to impress.

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