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Friday, May 17, 2013


There are many reasons that people become members of a gym or hire a personal trainer. But all are searching for results of some kind such as losing weight, gaining muscle mass, health, rehabilitation, personal training and even increasing their social circle.

Socialization is a big part of the fitness community, so what effect does it have if you spend too much time talking in between sets and exercises? Could it be the factor that is preventing you from your results?

When you walk into a gym for the first time you notice that the same people that are talking the time away while working out, are the same ones that year in and out have not made one improvement to their overall appearance. And if there is a change, not always for the better, many times it is not due to hard work in combining nutrition and training, because it occurs in short periods and is an obvious transformation due to unconventional methods such as drugs or even improvements through surgery.  

The people who do take their training seriously, such as the men and women who have the purpose to compete usually have their music playing loudly. Besides a motivational factor (Rock n’ Reps), did you ever think that they might use the earphones as an excuse not to have to talk to other people? Many appear irritated and bothered when they are forced to remove the earphones to talk or even answer questions, but that is because most are in a mental zone where they are extremely concentrated on the exercise and program that they are doing which can be jeopardized. It also may be the reason why they prefer not to share a piece of equipment.

The time in between exercises and sets also determines the intensity of your workout. Unless your program consists of a high intensity (90% and higher of your Maximal HR or 1 RM), too much time in between sets and exercises could be prejudicial to your goals. Rest and nutrition are also factors that need to be taken into consideration of Timing. If there are too many stops to chat in your workout session your workout might not be of moderate intensity, which is needed for most desired results. Also, depending on your nutrition, you might not have the correct timing to replenish your energy needs and recover properly increasing cortisol levels (Don’t Overstress).     

Training is only 30 % of what is necessary to see results (Ratios to Success), but if you make the most of the time that you have to train results will come faster in combination with the other 70%. Yes, socializing in the gym could be one of the places that result in romantic relationships and to meet people, but that is only if you consider your physical goals in second place. Along with dedication you should be all business when aiming for results.

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